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You want effective developers who make wise decisions. Effective developers construct software through deliberate and accurate analysis of technical trade-offs.

Technical trade-offs are a fact of everyday life for programmers. Making the right trade-offs requires knowing your options, which in turn requires a deep understanding of your development tools.

Why Training?

Videos, books, and the Internet are excellent learning resources, but they can only answer the questions you've thought to ask.

My goal is to guide programmers through their learning adventures, helping them to discover gaps in their knowledge. In class, we solve problems individually and as a group in a hands-on fashion. By working out solutions to realistic problems, students apply their newfound skills and re-enforce their knowledge.

On-Site Training Classes

Length: 15 hours

  • REPL, strings, numbers, booleans, conditionals
  • functions, modules, CLI scripts
  • lists, loops, slicing, tuples
  • dictionaries, sets, iterable tools
  • list comprehensions, generator expressions
  • objects, classes
  • exceptions, file handling
  • file objects, duck typing, encoding
  • numbers, dates, random
  • collections

Length: 15 hours

  • Code style
  • Third party packages
  • Debugging, testing
  • Data parsing and regular expressions
  • Iterators, generators
  • Command-line interfaces
  • Namespaces, variable scope
  • Decorators, advanced class techniques
  • Class inheritance, mixins
  • Working with the file system

Who are you?

My name is Trey Hunner. I want to level-up your team's Python programming skills. I have been programming for 15 years, consulting for 5 years, and contributing to open source projects for 10 years. I love teaching both beginners and experts.

In addition to on-site training, I mentor regularly at the San Diego Python study group and host Python learning sessions online through Weekly Python Chat.

As of June 2016, I am a director at the Python Software Foundation.

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Carol Willing

Research Software Engineer at Project Jupyter

I always enjoy working with Trey. Whether working on a development project together, writing a tutorial, teaching workshops, or organizing a project, Trey is creative, talented, and professional.

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June Clarke

Director at The League of Amazing Programmers

If I was learning programming again, I would definitely seek mentorship from Trey. He has infinite patience, and an amazing ability to see inside the student's brain to understand where they're at.

I'm hoping that I get to continue volunteering with him for years to come as we guide our students towards becoming professional programmers.

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