Reduce Development Time & Save Money with Django Team Training

Your front-end developers don't know Python and Django and it's costing your team precious time. Schedule hands-on Django training to promote time-saving best practices and motivate your employees.

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Increase Productivity

Through Django team training, your developers will stay ahead of the curve and learn time saving best practices that shorten the lag time between web app updates.

Motivate Developers

Boredom, stress and burnout are all too common for programmers. Team training is a win-win for your business and will result in a renewed excitement towards your projects.

Prevent Employee Turnover

Staying current with modern techonology is a primary concern among engineers. Feed their appetite to learn by investing in your employee’s and company’s future.

Expert Guidance From an Experienced Python Mentor

Hi, I'm Trey Hunner and I have been a developer for over a decade.

I speak at Python conferences around the world like PyCon US, DjangoCon US, PyCaribbean, and PyCon Australia. I co-organize Python meetups and workshops, and host weekly Python webcasts.

I'm a former directors of the Python Software Foundation and a current member of the Django Software Foundation.

While I love writing code, I love teaching Python and Django even more. I can help your developers effectively level-up their programming skills through on-site or remote trainings.

Available Team Training Courses

Python Basics Remote Training

Your front-end developers want to contribute to your Django back-end, but your back-end developers are nervous they might mess things up. In this 5-day remote training, your front-end devs will learn by walking through dozens of exercises, making a Django website, and practicing test-driven dev along the way.

  • 15 Hours of Training Over 5 Days
  • 50+ Coding Exercises
  • Includes Detailed Course Website
  • Starting at $4,200 for Up To 5 Students
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One-Day Workshops

During one-day workshops we'll help your team pick up a specific skill by spending 4 to 6 hours writing code together to accomplish a discrete task. For example we might spend the day getting hands-on experience parsing log files, employing automated testing, or migrating from Python 2 to Python 3.

  • Select a Relevant Curriculum
  • 1 Full Day of On-Site Training
  • Includes Course Material Summary Doc
  • $4,000-$6,000 for Up To 15 Students
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Python for JavaScript Developers

Get your JavaScript developers up to speed with everything they need to know about Python. This course is structured to re-enforce all new Python knowledge with comparisons to JS. Give your team an in-depth Python coding experience through 21 hours of hands on coding exercises.

  • 3 Full Days of On-Site Training
  • 100+ Coding Exercises
  • Includes Ongoing Education Guide
  • $12,000 for Up To 15 Students
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Introduction to Django

Turn your front-end developers into functional full-stack Django developers to decrease their dependence on the back-end team and shorten the lag time between releases of your web app. In this introduction to Django, we'll cover URLs and Views, Templates, Models, Forms, Testing, & Third-Party Apps.

  • Python Course is Prerequisite
  • 2 Full Days of On-Site Training
  • Includes Ongoing Education Guide
  • $8,000 for Up To 15 Students
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No Boring Lectures

In my classes, we learn with our hands on the keyboard. I live-code on the projector with the guidance of your team and we’ll take multiple short exercise breaks each hour.

Ongoing Learning Resources

At the end of my training, I leave students with a detailed guide of everything we learned together in class as well as a wealth of bonus material for continued learning.

Clear ROI on Training

My Python and Django team training easily pays for itself through increased developer productivity, renewed employee motivation and less developer turnover.

What People Say About Trey's Training...

Bob Pappas

Director Apps & UI Engineering at Ayasdi

The biggest obstacle we experienced was our training budget. We had to move out to a future quarter for budgetary reasons. Despite that obstacle, we found this training was very much worth the results.

Trey's pace for each day was appropriately quick. The hands on workshop sections were very valuable. Trey's live coding, rather than viewing slides, was also very effective.

Both the Python and Django sessions gave us very strong foundations in each topic. We really loved the test driven development flavor to the training.

Our training was set up for already experienced developers in Java or JavaScript and I would recommend it for that audience. We really did come away feeling that Trey is an expert at this.

John Coogan

Co-Founder & CTO at Soylent

There weren't really any obstacles that would have prevented me from buying Trey's training. I think my team liked getting to spend a few days in San Diego and the price of the training was reasonable. I was a little bit worried about the relevance, but that's always the case for new training programs. It was absolutely worth doing. Both devs immediately started working much more directly with our full stack and are both now thought of as full-stack engineers in every way.

I really enjoyed building the curriculum with Trey. He never shied away from a broad or open-ended curriculum that would cover a lot of topics.

I would absolutely recommend Trey's Python for JavaScript developers training. It was the most effective class I've seen to date when it comes to bridging the gap between these two languages quickly and with quality. Everyone enjoyed Trey's training. I highly recommend it!

Save Time & Money with Django Team Training

If you are not entirely satisfied with any portion of these training services, I will work with you to ensure your satisfaction or provide a refund for any portion of these services. I'm typically fully booked two to three months out, so reach out now to reserve your spot in my calendar.

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Examples of My Teaching Online

List Comprehensions and Generator Expressions for Data Processing

This is a 3 hour tutorial I taught at PyCon 2018 on some Python-specific looping constructs that are particularly helpful when processing data. The workshop material can be found at

This tutorial, like my training workshops and courses, is exercise-driven and entirely interactive. We spend the entire time either working through exercises individually or mob programming within Python shell or a code editor.

Readable Regular Expressions in Python

This is a 3 hour tutorial I taught at PyCon 2017 on regular expressions. We discussed what regular expressions are good for, how to write them, how they work in Python specifically, and some often overlooked techniques for making regular expressions more readable. The workshop material can be found at

This tutorial is also entirely hands-on and exercise-driven.

Loop better: a deeper look at iteration in Python

This is a 30 minute talk I gave at PyCon AU 2017 on iterators, iterables, and lazy looping in Python. In this talk we take a look at how Python's for loops work under the hood and learn something new in the process.

This talk is not exercise-driven or interactive and is unlike my typical hands-on style of teaching. The way we approach the problem of understanding iteration is quite similar to the way we look at this problem together in my workshops though.

Easier Classes: Python Classes Without All the Cruft

This is a 30 minute talk I gave at PyOhio 2018 on some tools that make class creation a bit easier in Python. Some of these tools are built-in to Python and some are third-party, some have been around for a while and some are brand new.

This talk, is unlike my typical hands-on style of teaching but, as is common during in my workshops and tutorials, we do take a look at a number of ways to solve a single problem and discuss the pros and cons of each.