You hired experienced web developers, but they don't know Python or Django

Your new hires know web development, but they've never worked with Python and Django before. Before your developers can become proficient with Django, they need to learn Python. Python isn't too difficult, but picking up a new programming language takes time. Your current back-end developers could teach them, but they aren't experienced teachers and that could consume quite a bit of their time.

If only they could accelerate their learning

You want your new hires to become proficient Python & Django developers. Unstructured learning can take a lot of time. The sooner your new teammates learn Python and Django, the sooner they'll become just as productive members of your back-end team.

Introduction to Python for JavaScript developers

When learning a new programming language, we always compare what we're learning to what we already know. Your front-end devs will learn Python from the perspective of a JavaScript developer. During my on-site training course, Introduction to Python for JavaScript developers, that's exactly how I'll teach.

As we learn, we'll anchor our mental model of the Python world with our JavaScript knowledge. All new Python knowledge will be re-enforced by comparisons and analogies to technologies that your team already knows. We'll discuss what's different between JavaScript and Python, what's the same, and what doesn't work quite the way you might expect.

How it works

I'll come to your office for three full days of on-site training. We will work through many programming problems both individually and as a group, practicing test-first development along the way.

We'll cover:

  1. Data Types and Conditionals
  2. Modules and Functions
  3. Lists and Looping
  4. Dictionaries and Iterable Tools
  5. Exception Handling and File Management
  6. List Comprehensions and Generator Expressions
  7. Classes and Objects
  8. Standard Library
  9. Code Style

Your developers should expect to reserve 3 full 8 hour days, including 7 hours of training and a 1 hour lunch break each day.

Want to talk about your team's needs?

This course costs $12,000 for up to 15 students.

However, I only work with teams I think I can really help. So let's talk.

Please fill out my new client application form so we can chat about your team's training needs.

Fill out my client application

100% money back guarantee

If your team is not entirely satisfied with any portion of the training, I will work with you to ensure your satisfaction or provide a full refund at your request.

Don't take my word for it

“Everyone enjoyed Trey's training. I highly recommend it!”

John Coogan, Co-Founder & CTO at Soylent

“If I was learning programming again, I would definitely seek mentorship from Trey.”

June Clarke, Director at The League of Amazing Programmers

Still have questions?

» My developers learn quickly: can't we skip over the introductory material?

I will move at the pace of your developers and we'll go as deep as we need to in each section: we don't stay surface-level, even for introductory material. We'll be diving into very Python-specific features pretty quickly.

» Will you sign an NDA?

I can provide you with my own NDA or I can sign your NDA for an additional fee.

» Can't my developers pick up the basics on their own?

I'm certain that your developers absolutely can learn Python on their own, but it may take them much more time and they may end up writing Python code that looks like JavaScript. You want your developers to write Python like a native.

» I still have questions!

No problem. Shoot me an email.

About Trey

My name is Trey Hunner. I am a director at the Python Software Foundation and a member of the Django Software Foundation.

I have a background in full-stack Django web development and many years of experience in front-end JavaScript development.

My classes are usually slide-free and exercise-heavy. I teach with my hands on the keyboard. We learn by doing, not watching.

Let's talk now

I want to help your developers level-up their Python programming skills. Want to talk about whether my on-site Python training course is right for your team?

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Can't find a time that works for you? Email me.

Remember that my training is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If your team is disappointed in my training, I'll refund your money in full.

Availability is limited

I'm only available for one to two on-site Python trainings each month. Scheduling is first come, first served and I'm often fully booked two to four months out. The sooner we talk, the sooner I can help your team.

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