One-Day Workshops

I offer one-day on-site workshops for a number of topics. If you don't see an offering that suits your team's needs, feel free to email me about custom workshops.

Regular expressions in Python

Your developers know Python and they need to parse semi-structured data, but they don't know regular expressions.

Regular expressions can be used for a variety of data validation, parsing, and normalization. We'll learn what regular expressions are good for, how to make our own regular expressions, and how to make our regular expressions friendly and readable (yes it's possible, sort of). At least introduction Python knowledge is required for this workshop.

We'll cover:

  1. Regular expression syntax
  2. Matching and metacharacters
  3. Character classes
  4. Anchors and quantifiers
  5. Searching and validation
  6. Repetition, capture groups
  7. Data normalization and replacement with substitutions

This is a 4 hour on-site workshop.

This one-day workshop costs $5,900 for up to 15 students.

Log file parsing with Python

Your developers are interested in using Python to parse log files. They have some experience with Python, but they need more experience using it for file manipulation and log parsing.

We'll learn how to use Python for parsing and processing log files and CSV files. We'll get hands-on experience applying Python's powerful tools for searching and manipulating text-based data. An introductory Python knowledge is required for this workshop.

We'll cover:

  1. Reading log files (line by line)
  2. Working with CSV files and structured data
  3. Searching and filtering log lines
  4. Text transformations
  5. Grouping and counting data
  6. Regular expression basics

This is a 5 hour on-site workshop.

This one-day workshop costs $6,500 for up to 15 students.

Testing in Python with py.test

Your developers know Python, but they struggle with writing bug-free Python code and they haven't acquired a strong habit of automated testing.

We'll learn how to test our Python code in a variety of ways. We'll also discuss using Python to test external APIs. An intermediate level of Python knowledge is recommended for this workshop.

We'll cover:

  1. Test-driven development
  2. Assertions
  3. Setup, cleanup, and fixtures
  4. Debugging
  5. Capturing input/output
  6. Temporary files/directories

This is a 4 hour on-site workshop.

This one-day workshop costs $6,000 for up to 15 students.

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About Trey

My name is Trey Hunner. I am a director at the Python Software Foundation and a member of the Django Software Foundation.

I have a background in full-stack Django web development and many years of experience in front-end JavaScript development.

My classes are usually slide-free and exercise-heavy. I teach with my hands on the keyboard. We learn by doing, not watching.

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